Platinum Jewellery Trend Prediction for the Academy Awards

(March 2021) USA – While awards show season won’t be complete without a full red carpet, we anticipate that celebrities will be even more excited to get glamorous with platinum jewellery for the Academy Awards this year, even if they’re presenting or accepting their award from home. Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for platinum […]

Platinum Guild International USA Announces Historic Platinum Business Development Grand Program

PGI USA will award up to a total of $500,000 in a 3-year program to one or more selected manufacturers, designers or retailers who submit a qualifying proposal March 9, 2021 (New York, New York) – In an effort to fulfill their mission to develop demand for and build an enduring commitment to platinum in […]

How are the platinum producers held accountable for sustainability 2

There are many international measures and standards that expert ethical, social, and environmental auditors use to determine if the platinum producers are meeting their sustainability commitments. Each platinum producer is independently audited against a variety of these measures and standards. See the platinum producers names and icons at the end of this section for more detail. […]

How does platinum contribute to a greener planet and good health 2

How does platinum contribute to a greener planet and good health? The majority of demand for platinum comes from applications that enhance the environment and human well-being. For Example: Automotive: The largest demand source for platinum comes from applications in the automotive industry, namely autocatalysts that help reduce emissions from gasoline and diesel vehicles. Platinum is […]

What does sustainability mean to platinum producers 2

Corporate  Social Responsibility (CSR)  is a broad-based movement that encourages companies to take responsibly for the impact of their activities on employees, local communities, and the environment. The platinum producers funding Platinum Guild International are committed to CSR and agree to follow the letter and spirit of the law, abide by international ethical, social, and environmental standards […]

Pt Moment

Platinum Guild International China launched “Pt Moment” in 2019, a non-bridal brand for women in China.   Pt Moment 2019 Collection The new “Pt Moment” collection is launched in 2020, and is now carried in 1,000 stores of PGI partners. Pt Moment 2020 Collection Pt Moment 2020 Brand Video For more details about the Pt […]

Season of Hope

The COVID-19 situation has caused unprecedented challenges in India as well as globally and has left many reeling from its impact. It has been particularly harsh on certain marginalized sections of the community such as the migrant workers. Taking a step towards helping the migrant workers, Platinum Guild International (PGI) India has joined hands with Oxfam […]

Reboot 2019/2020

In order to expedite the distribution of these new products through China’s vast retail supply chain, PGI launched province by province Reboot, an integrated programme that ensures participating stores upgrade their product offerings to consumers via omnichannel promotions and store-based events that drive traffic and sales conversion. From November 2019, PGI China started the Reboot, […]

Platinum Woman

Platinum Guild International (PGI) K.K has launched a new platinum jewellery brand “Platinum Woman”, in collaboration with Japan’s leading jewellery brands. The products are available from 30 October, 2020. Brand Ambassador Mikako Tabe Wears Platinum Necklace & Platinum Pinky Ring The new “Platinum Woman” brand encourages women to be true to themselves and illuminate their […]