Pt Moment

Platinum Guild International China launched “Pt Moment” in 2019, a non-bridal brand for women in China.   Pt Moment 2019 Collection The new “Pt Moment” collection is launched in 2020, and is now carried in 1,000 stores of PGI partners. Pt Moment 2020 Collection Pt Moment 2020 Brand Video For more details about the Pt […]

Reboot 2019/2020

In order to expedite the distribution of these new products through China’s vast retail supply chain, PGI launched province by province Reboot, an integrated programme that ensures participating stores upgrade their product offerings to consumers via omnichannel promotions and store-based events that drive traffic and sales conversion. From November 2019, PGI China started the Reboot, […]

Celebrity Endorsement

2019 PGI China works with celebrities to increase awareness and aspiration for platinum jewellery. Highlights PGI Together with China Ambassador Yang Yang to Launch 2018 Brand Thematic Advertising Film – “Moment of Eternity Collection” PGI Launches the YOUNG Platinum Jewellery Collection Limited Edition with Chinese Platinum Ambassador and Actor Yang Yang Chinese TV Presenter Shen […]

Bridal Fair

Historically, platinum is associated with the best jewellery houses and designers this is due to its strength, never-fading white colour and long-lasting value, platinum is preferred for bridal jewellery setting in many markets, and a platinum crown is the securest way to hold a diamond or gemstone.PGI’s consumer marketing and educational programmes develop awareness and […]