Season of Hope

The COVID-19 situation has caused unprecedented challenges in India as well as globally and has left many reeling from its impact. It has been particularly harsh on certain marginalized sections of the community such as the migrant workers. Taking a step towards helping the migrant workers, Platinum Guild International (PGI) India has joined hands with Oxfam […]

Platinum Days of Love

Platinum Days of Love is a flagship programme of PGI India. PGI India conducts marketing campaigns to highlight Platinum Love Bands, led by an ‘always on’ social media & digital search presence. Webisodes for Platinum Love Bands engage young consumers and are rewarded with substantial media coverage. Programme Highlights -Engaging audiences via a ‘find your […]

Platinum Evara and PlatAfrica Co-Op

PGI India collaborates with Anglo American to provide a better platform for the PlatAfrica winning designers to experience designing for the Indian market. Programme Highlights -Designers participate in the new range development for brand Platinum Evara; -Designers interact with key platinum manufacturers in India; -Designers interact with press media to promote their winning designs to […]