The platinum producers

Want to dig deeper, and learn more about the extensive commitments of the platinum producers to sustainability? ANGLO AMERICAN PLATINUM LIMITED Anglo American Platinum is a member of the Anglo American Group, guided by the purpose and values of its parent, while also remaining mindful of its unique focus on platinum. Anglo American Platinum Primary […]

How does platinum contribute to a greener planet and good health

How does platinum contribute to a greener planet and good health? The majority of demand for platinum comes from applications that enhance the environment and human well-being. For Example: Automotive: The largest demand source for platinum comes from applications in the automotive industry, namely autocatalysts that help reduce emissions from gasoline and diesel vehicles. Platinum is […]

What does sustainability mean to platinum producers

Corporate  Social Responsibility (CSR)  is a broad-based movement that encourages companies to take responsibly for the impact of their activities on employees, local communities, and the environment. The platinum producers funding Platinum Guild International are committed to CSR and agree to follow the letter and spirit of the law, abide by international ethical, social, and environmental standards […]