Platinum Masterpieces Created By Eleven Yellow Gold Designers For 3rd Annual Couture Platinum Spotlight Program

Four designers new to the program, along with seven ‘alumni’, are pushing the boundaries of the world’s most precious metal

April 30, 2024 (New York, New York) – Next month will bring the debut of a new class of yellow gold designers participating in Platinum Guild International USA’s 3rd annual COUTURE Platinum Spotlight Program during Las Vegas Jewellery Week. The organisation behind the world’s most precious metal is welcoming four new yellow gold-focused COUTURE designers to the program, all of whom will create a piece in platinum. In addition, PGI USA is again working with seven ‘alumni’ from last year’s program to create a platinum capsule collection. This year’s designs will be displayed at COUTURE beginning May 29th in the participating designers’ salons and villas.

The new designers selected for the 2024 program are Mike Joseph, Renato Cipullo, Selim Mouzannar, and Single Stone.

The 2024 COUTURE Platinum Spotlight Alumni are Beck, Harwell Godfrey, Jade Ruzzo, Retrouvaí, Sorellina, Ten Thousand Things, and Walters Faith.

Within the esteemed group, some designers have chosen to recreate their most well-known pieces, while others took the opportunity to create brand new designs. The platinum pieces range from statement earrings to cocktail rings, to entire red carpet-worthy suites.

A first look at several of the COUTURE Platinum Spotlight Designs from Sorellina, Single Stone and Jade Ruzzo

“One of the most distinctive characteristics shared by COUTURE’s designers and brands is a fearlessness when it comes to expanding outside their comfort zones in expressing their creativity,” explained Gannon Brousseau, Director, COUTURE, EVP, Emerald. “The designers who have opted to partner with Platinum Guild International for our COUTURE Platinum Spotlight program have been so enthusiastic in taking on the challenge of working with a new (to them) metal, and their nuanced understanding of the art form has allowed them to leverage platinum’s unique properties to beautifully enhance their singular designs.”

Randi Molofsky, founder of For Future Reference, who represents several of the Program’s alumni shared, “Quite frankly, there is no better time to be working with platinum, and that’s why I love encouraging the brands I work with to think about ways to incorporate the naturally white metal into their repertoire. With gold prices at an all-time high, and customers once again appreciating the look of cooler tones, platinum is an easy choice: it doesn’t dull, is incredibly durable, and allows designers to create heirloom-quality jewellery while remaining price-conscious”. She continued, “It’s especially exciting to see platinum emerge as a choice for fashion-forward designer jewellery in the 21st Century when it once was only the domain of engagement rings or the very highest end of fine jewellery.”

PGI USA’s President, Jenny Luker, shared a similar sentiment, “Platinum’s popularity with more jewellery designers creating fashion-forward pieces in this highly desired metal has continued an upward trajectory over the past few years. The availability of more non-bridal designs is important in creating an opportunity to ensure platinum is on consumers’ radar much earlier in their jewellery journey and is a key piece to platinum’s continued growth.”

PGI USA also extended an offer of support to the newly introduced Luminaries by  COUTURE designers by inviting them to create pieces with the naturally white metal. Ama McKinley of Ilium Wing, Bliss Lau and Hiba Husayni of ZAHN-Z Fine Jewellery all took advantage of the opportunity to create bespoke pieces that represent their core aesthetics.