Platinum Evara Collaborates With Young Women Influencers to Bring Alive Its Campaign Platform of #VeryRareVeryYou

December 2022: Jewellery is intrinsically linked to femininity and young women today aren’t afraid to be their true authentic selves. They rejoice in their own unique interpretation of femininity. They are not fighting to prove their worth as a woman but confidently occupying a seat at the table. In fact, today’s young women are unapologetic about their choices and empowered by the strength of their unique identity. Platinum Evara, the jewellery line of precious jewellery cast in platinum from Platinum Guild International (PGI) India, celebrates this. Meant for women who revel in every trait that makes them distinctive, only metal as rare and distinct as platinum resonates with the many facets of this one-of-a-kind woman and reflects the myriad of values that come together to define her.

This leg of the brand’s #VeryRareVeryYou campaign includes a content collaboration with Grazia India, a leading fashion and lifestyle magazine for young millennials and Gen-Z. It showcases three young women influencers – stars in their own right and their inimitable personal choices that make them truly unique in a world of ever-changing trends and fads.

Built on a lighter note with a playful tonality, each piece of content in the series captures these women in candid, fun moments and highlights their unique point of view as they adorn statement pieces from Platinum Evara. Taking a leaf out of the social media trend of capturing unique individual views, it offers a glimpse into the protagonist’s world and the perspectives that make them who they are. Jewellery is integral to the expression of this identity, and they express their personality through the pieces they wear. It enhances and celebrates the pride they feel in their femininity.

The first piece of content features Yohani, a Sri Lankan singer and songwriter who has been making waves in the world of music with her hit “Manike Mage Hithe”. Viewers get a glimpse into moments of her life as she shares her opinions on all things important and trivial. It showcases her take on subjects that range from being comfortable with late replies to texts, to finding remixes cool, to taking a jibe at those who claim that awards don’t count. As part of her narrative, she also talks about how donning platinum jewellery to her is a means of self-expression.

Yohani expressed her excitement about the collaboration and stated, “I am extremely proud of this collaboration with Platinum Evara and Grazia. Platinum truly represents the evolved young women of today who hold jewellery as an intimate expression of their true selves. While the guitar makes me feel empowered, the stunning platinum pendant and earrings make me feel great about myself and my journey so far. The video is very close to my heart as it makes a simple but profound statement, showcasing all that constitutes my point of view and that of other young women around me.”

Starring South Indian actress Mirnalini Ravi, the second piece of content begins with the actress expressing her joy at being able to showcase her personal point of view rather than portraying that of a character on screen. Mirnalini shares her unique opinions on her passion that has given her freedom and all the things that she loves and finds precious.

Mirnalini has expressed her thoughts on the collaboration, “For me, every piece of jewellery has a story to tell and these lovely statement pieces from Platinum Evara, let me tell my story. I absolutely love splurging on my favourite platinum jewellery pieces to mark those special and intimate life moments. It has been a pleasure to be a part of this campaign in collaboration with Grazia, it highlights the distinct perspective of modern young women who don’t shy away from living their lives on their own terms.”

The third video in the series features actor and model Aisha Ahmed and celebrates various aspects of her effervescent personality. Contrary to what one would believe an actor and model chooses, Aisha admits to night-ins being the best. She also shares the quirky side of her fashionista image by admitting that socks with sandals are how she loves to roll. Comfortable in her personal style that she calls comfy chic, she knows that being surrounded by strong women is what has shaped her into the confident woman that she is today.

Aisha shares her thoughts and states, “The stunning platinum jewellery by Evara allows me to channel my inner diva and revel in being just me. It lets me take my style game a notch higher. This collaboration with Grazia and Platinum Evara has allowed me to share thoughts that have shaped my point of view. I firmly believe that no matter how much things change, we must be comfortable with our own pace, and own our own space.”

Speaking on this campaign, Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, PGI India said, “Platinum Evara has always stood for a celebration of womanhood. Through this campaign, we wanted to strike a chord with today’s younger women who value authenticity and being true to who they are as individuals. They desire the freedom to live from the heart and revel in their independence. For them, self-acceptance, self-growth and self- love are all critical aspects of embracing who they are unabashedly. Jewellery to them is an emotion, it represents their style and individuality.”

Tenzin Wangdi, Creative Director, Famous Innovations who helped shape this campaign had this to say, “The joy of being a woman is something that’s meant to be celebrated. And that’s what the campaign is all about. #FromMyPOV marks the desire and free will of young women today who know that their biggest victory is in being themselves, unapologetically. In this campaign, we get up close and personal with the three influencers and hear what they have to say, in their own fabulously feminine style”.

Grazia India spokesperson says, “We are extremely excited to have collaborated with Platinum Evara by PGI India for this beautiful campaign #VeryRareVeryYou. At Grazia, we have always strived to celebrate womanhood and femininity by bringing to life unique and varied stories of women across the country. Our brand values were thus perfectly in sync with Platinum Evara – a brand that also stands for a celebration of modern and progressive young women. Through this partnership, we were able to allow viewers to get a sneak peek into the worlds of Yohani, Mrinalini & Aisha. We opted for clean, yet dramatic visual grammar, with beautiful jewellery shots that bring platinum to life in an organic way that truly celebrates these young women and their unique points of view.”

The latest collection of Platinum Evara is available across 1500+ leading jewellery retail stores in India.


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