Jewellery Trend Predictions for Awards Show Season: Classic Hollywood Glamour, Collar Necklaces, and Stackable Bracelets set in Platinum

As awards show season quickly approaches, Platinum Guild International, the marketing association for the platinum jewellery industry, reveals their top red carpet trend predictions.

Most notably, there will be a return to classic and glamorous Hollywood jewellery designs. Celebrities will wear full jewellery suites with matching earrings, necklaces and rings set in platinum. Statement collar necklaces featuring fancy cut diamonds will increase in popularity at awards shows because they can elevate any outfit and stand out in photos. Additionally, stackable bracelets that combine different styles add depth and dimension to wrists so it will create an instant impact on camera.

Why are the most exquisite red carpet jewellery designs set in platinum? Platinum is a naturally white metal (unlike white gold), so it will make important diamonds and gemstones sparkle even brighter. And it will never tarnish or change colour with wear. Since platinum is one of the strongest natural materials on the planet, it will hold stones most securely and last for generations.

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Double Row Necklace in Platinum from Platt Boutique Jewelry ($12,500)

Limitless Loop Bracelet in Platinum from Platinum Born ($2,950)

Petite Cluster Earrings in Platinum from Kwiat ($9,650)

Dome Ring in Platinum from Lang Antiques ($5,312)