Celebrate Love the platinum way with Platinum Love Bands

Wavemaker unveils an innovative campaign for Platinum Love Bands featuring anamorphic outdoors and a unique collaboration with JioSaavn

February 2024: What better way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day than with the metal of love? Platinum Love Bands aims to elevate the celebration of Valentine’s Day, with the ultimate symbol of love – rare platinum. Perfect for those ready to embark on a journey of commitment, or mark a big moment in their relationship journey, these bands will make Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable.

With the ability to make passersby halt in their tracks, gigantic digital screens unveil pairs of exquisitely crafted Platinum Love Bands as they step out of their box. The viewer is treated to a spectacle of animated Platinum Love Bands, elegantly rotating around the box as they showcase their intricate design and craftsmanship. Activated across all key markets these outdoors truly make the jewellery designs larger than life and underline the brand’s tag line – For a love so rare.

But that’s not all! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Platinum Love Bands has also collaborated with the leading music streaming service, JioSaavn, to provide consumers with a special opportunity. They can now create custom dedications for their loved ones through #PlatinumLoveJukeBox. The initiative enables couples to curate a personalised playlist for their beloved, selecting songs that deeply resonate with their unique love story and language of love. Once completed, this tailor-made playlist can be easily shared with your partner, accompanied by a heartfelt, personalised message of love. Moreover, sharing this special playlist on various social media platforms becomes an expression of love.

Speaking on these innovative activations, Sujala Martis, Consumer Marketing Director, PGI India shared, “Platinum is the ultimate symbol of modern love. This month of love, the intent was to elevate the upcoming Valentine’s Day experience for our audience, with an innovative visual experience on one hand via, immersive anamorphic outdoors that make the lure of platinum seem larger than life. And an exciting partnership with JioSaavn on the other, allowing couples to express their love through music by creating their own playlists for each other. Social media today is a loud declaration of one’s relationship status encouraging couples to then share their dedicated playlist on social, completes the loop.”

Conceptualised and executed by Wavemaker, Shekhar Banerjee, Chief Client officer and Office Head – West, North and East, Wavemaker India said, “Valentine’s Day is a time for creating unforgettable moments and exceptional experiences with the ones we love. We understand the importance of crafting innovative experiences that capture attention and forge meaningful connections. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our latest offering: an immersive journey featuring PGI’s Platinum Love Bands. Our aim is to provide an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, filled with breath-taking visuals and interactive elements that celebrate the beauty of love. We want to fill the air with joy and love for all the couples out there, and this innovative experience is our way of paying tribute to the power of love.”

With immersive and experiential activations, this Valentine’s Day, Platinum Love Bands truly aims to highlight how the metal of love is an ideal option celebrate this month of love.

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