2021 Pt Art Space Launched in Nanjing

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2021 Pt Art Space Launched in Nanjing

“Emboldened by Platinum” 2021 Pt Art Space Launched in Nanjing

(May 2021, China) To celebrate platinum’s role in artistic inspiration, and further develop Jiangsu’s platinum jewellery market, Platinum Guild International (PGI) initiated “Embolden by Platinum” Reboot Roadshow 2021 Pt Art Space at Nanjing’s Central Emporium Mall and Huai’an’s Central Xinya International Plaza, both operated by Nanjing Central Emporium Group. A cross-border creative encounter between art and platinum, this dazzling roadshow combines “tenacious” straight lines with “gentle” curves, giving platinum admirers a unique opportunity to explore the rarity and beauty of this metal as it seeks its tenacious true self through the eyes of premier artists in this glamorous viewing space.

From 30 April to 9 May, the first stop of the 2021 Pt Art Space landed in Central Emporium Mall, supported by many famous jewellery brands including Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Lukfook, Lao Feng Xiang, Lao Miao Jewellery, Mingr, Pao Ching, Chow Tai Seng, and TSL. This year’s roadshow featured an elegant and romantic encounter between art and platinum, aiming to attract more modern women and the young generation.

Seeking for true self in a dazzling mirror maze

In this unique artistic venue, multiple well-designed mirrors were set up to create a magical and dazzling maze embellished with vibrant sky-blue lines, symbolising the purity of platinum. Walking through the maze, visitors are immersed in light and shadows, offering a rare moment of peace in this busy downtown area. The various images in the mirrors, innocent, passionate or tenacious, represent their true self with infinite energy, just as platinum always retains its properties well, regardless of the external environment.

“Emboldened by Platinum” Reboot Roadshow, 2021 Pt Art Space

Indulging in an encounter with platinum and art

This year’s roadshow invited four artists to exhibit their works in the 2021 Pt Art Space. The artists interpreted their persistence in their dreams and their understanding of “tenacity” in the form of four different kinds of art--origami, painting, photography and dance. Their works evoked the visitors’ unlimited expectations of life, that if one can be tenacious and be true to themselves, ordinary daily life can also become a bright and elegant form of art.

 A new generation of artists' works from the “Emboldened by Platinum” 2021 Pt Art Space

Liu Tong, a modern origami artist, folded regular papers to form a special feather-like shape that is romantic and tender yet also full of strength. The papers present fascinating tenacity and tension through unlimited bending.

From a delicate female perspective, illustrator Zhang Hailang produced two paintings that show the different states of modern women in their work and life, passionately pursuing their ideal lives.

Inspired by the sea and the colour blue, visual artist Hai He Lan records vitality and changes in his photography. The sea can be turbulent or calm, just as platinum shows diverse beauty under different lights at various moments.

Combining the graceful and soft Rumba and the agile and rigid Paso Doble, the Latin dancer Jia Haoyue specially created a mysterious dance to present feminine power through fluent and beautiful body language.

All four exhibits fully conveyed the core qualities of platinum, being hard as well as soft, being tenacious as well as true to one’s inner heart.

The Grand Opening of the 2021 Pt Art Space

On 30 April, the launch ceremony for the “Emboldened by Platinum” Reboot Roadshow 2021 Pt Art Space was held outside Nanjing Central Emporium Mall, supporting the intensive development of the platinum jewellery market in Nanjing and the rest of Jiangsu Province. Senior PGI executives, the leaders of Nanjing Central Emporium Group, cooperating retailers and media guests from Jiangsu Province were present at the event.

 “Emboldened by Platinum” 2021 Pt Art Space

Gao Nan, Assistant to the General Manager of Central Emporium Mall and Deputy General Manager of Nanjing Central Emporium (Group) Co's Investment Center

Ye Xiang, Director, Trade Marketing & Development, PGI China 

Group photo