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Platinum Evara is Very Rare, Very You

Platinum Evara is Very Rare, Very You

Platinum Evara launches its latest collection campaign

December 2021 (India) - For women, it's been a long journey and they have come a long way. They have learnt that their femininity, is a big part of who they are. It's not something to be hidden away, or wrestled with, rather it is something to be celebrated. Because owning their fabulously female selves, in its purest, most unabashed form, is their way of falling in love with themselves all over again. This sentiment is what younger millennials & Gen Z relate to. Young women today aren’t afraid to be their true authentic selves and rejoice in their own unique interpretation of femininity. They don’t feel the need to submit or rebel but are in fact just comfortable in their skin. They are not fighting to prove their worth as a woman but confidently occupying that seat on the table, resplendent in the knowledge of their innate capabilities. Today femininity is fluid and has multiple facets. Each one is unique and well accepted. Young women don’t identify themselves with their gender first, but rather as an individual first, embracing all of the  traits that make them who they are. Their definition of femininity comes from being themselves.

Platinum Evara pays an ode to the stellar spirit of today’s young women who have confidently and audaciously embraced their true selves. Jewellery is integral to the expression of their fluid femininity, as they explore and express their personality through their choices. It enhances and celebrates the pride they feel in their femininity. It is an intimate part of themselves, it is an emotion, an extension of them. It is style, celebration, intimacy, fun and individuality. Platinum Evara’s latest collection cast in a metal born of the stars echoes this very attitude. It allows these inspiring young women to own that feeling of being fabulously female, in its most vibrant form.

The brand’s new collection campaign reflects these very thoughts. Its latest film depicts young women in the process of selecting, adorning and buying platinum jewellery. This entire journey of purchase is an analogy to where young women stand today, their take on their lives and their belief system. It romances how they aren’t afraid to be who they are and find joy in celebrating it. It metaphorically showcases their view on living their life, their confidence, their desires, their independence and sense of assertion as they make those important and personal life decisions too.

The young women’s journey of self-purchase is simply an expression of who they are and what makes them happy. The  brand’s new baseline – Very Rare, Very You ends this thought while talking about what makes platinum truly differentiated and desirable – its inherent rarity.

Ms Sujala Martis, Director – Consumer Marketing, PGI India said, “The discourse of femininity in our segments today is changing. Young women own their individual interpretation of femininity with pride and aplomb. They look at it as an integral part of who they are, they know what they bring to the table and revel in it. This campaign is a celebration of that view on femininity, away from the angst-ridden, breaking stereotypes, going up against society narratives that we commonly see. Jewellery is an innate part of femininity, buying it is a joyful experience. We wanted to come from what was deep-seated and ingrained in the category while reflecting what is true for our audience and they look at their lives today as a glass half full.”

The dreamlike patterns, Mobius loops, and grooves in this latest collection symbolise how women of today stick by the things they love. The scattering, splintering, and expansive patterns signify how they unapologetically embrace who they are. The interrupted forms, fluid dimensions, and spatial elements represent endless possibilities, all stemming from their boundless belief in themselves. It is for the woman who started a love story with herself today, someone who is truly one of a kind. 

The collection includes a wide range of versatile pieces, platinum necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Delicate yet seamless forms, combined with unique diamond pieces come together to create a one-a-kind story much like the individual tales of the women who adorn them. Crafted with fluid dexterity, they symbolise the Evara woman’s indomitable spirit that remains resplendent, uninhibited and fearless as she takes pride in her own interpretation of femininity. The delicate yet defined motifs continue to inspire young women to keep soaring as they strive to achieve their fullest.

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