PGI Launches 2020 New Collection Roadshow in Anhui

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PGI Launches 2020 New Collection Roadshow in Anhui

PGI China Launches 2020 New Collection Roadshow in Anhui

(30 September 2020) China - In September 2020, Platinum Guild International (PGI) officially launched the 2020 roadshow, “Live Your Authentic Decision, with Platinum Inside” in China’s Anhui Province to showcase the rarity and beauty of platinum jewellery. The roadshow began in Hefei (11-17 September) and then followed in Fuyang (24-29 September) as the final two events of 2020. The event was jointly launched by PGI, Hefei Baohe Suning Plaza, Fuyang Hongkong Fortune Plaza, and many jewellery brands to help revitalize Anhui’s platinum jewellery market.

Hefei Event

Fuyang Event

The roadshow featured stylized symbols of platinum with a serene navy-blue theme to create the atmosphere of a starry night, while a heart comprised of several shining geometric shapes on the screen represented one’s authentic decision.

At the Hefei event, PGI invited the prominent Chinese actress Yuan Shanshan as a special guest to attend the lighting ceremony. During the roadshow, Ms. Yuan expressed her love for platinum jewellery and called on everyone to have a life attitude like platinum. The lighting ceremony was followed by a store tour of major jewellery brands for Ms. Yuan to experience the extraordinary charm of platinum.

Lighting Ceremony in Hefei

At the Fuyang event, a large crystal ball was particularly eye-catching. At the moment of lighting, countless bright silver and blue sequins bloom on the screen, symbolizing the splendid presentation of every stop of PGI’s “Live Your Authentic Decision, with Platinum Inside” reboot event in 2020.

Lighting Ceremony in Fuyang

A variety of platinum masterpieces were unveiled during the roadshow. The winning piece of 2019’s JNA Jewellery Design Competition, “Star Lingers”, used minimalist modern lines to sketch the shape of the clouds, which shows a peaceful and romantic conception. “Love & Whirl” earrings were designed with dynamic beauty, like sitting on a merry-go-round in a fairy-tale world.

“Orin” from Tanaka Kikinzoku “DEN” Collection

“Love & Whirl” Platinum Earrings

In addition, PGI teamed up with major jewellery brands to showcase their latest platinum collections. Their exquisite platinum products were displayed in booths that allowed consumers to appreciate the extraordinary designs up close.