PGI China Launches 2020 New Collection Roadshow in Qingdao

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PGI China Launches 2020 New Collection Roadshow in Qingdao

GI Launches 2020 New Collection Roadshow in Qingdao

(10 August 2020) China - In August, Platinum Guild International (PGI) officially launched the 2020 roadshow “Live Your Authentic Decision, With Platinum Inside” in Qingdao, to showcase the rarity and beauty of platinum jewellery. Held from 7 August to 16 August, the event was jointly launched by PGI, eight shopping malls managed by Qingdao Liqun Group, and many local jewellery brands to help revitalize Shandong’s platinum jewellery market.

 Qingdao Event

The roadshow featured stylized symbols of platinum with a serene navy blue theme to create the atmosphere of a starry night. A heart made up of several shining geometric shapes on the screen represents one’s authentic decision.

A variety of platinum masterpieces were unveiled during the roadshow, such as the winning piece of the 2019 JNA Jewellery Design Competition, “Star Lingers”, used minimalist modern lines to sketch the shape of clouds which depict a peaceful and romantic conception. Another piece, the “In Precious” black pearl platinum pendant, was hand-knit in a European ancient armor weaving technique. The pearl in the center can be dislodged and rotated without falling out, presenting a three-dimensional and dynamic artwork.

“Star Lingers” Platinum Decorative Glasses

“In Precious” Black Pearl Platinum Pendant

In addition, PGI teamed up with major jewellery brands to showcase the latest platinum jewellery collection. The exquisite platinum products that were displayed in the booth allowed consumers to appreciate the extraordinary designs up close.

Chow Tai Fook “Angel of Peace” Collection Platinum Pendant

Chow Sang Sang “Posy” Collection Platinum Ring

Lukfook “Feng’s” Collection Platinum Pendant

TSL Platinum Diamond Ring

Jinghua Jewellery “Platinum Moment” Collection Platinum Necklace and Platinum Ring

The roadshow also featured large interactive devices, blind boxes to attract younger consumers. During the roadshow, consumers could make purchases at the event, play with the interactive devices or sign up for membership to win giveaways. Consumers could also receive an exquisite handbag or win cash back by purchasing platinum jewellery during August 2020.