PGI Japan Releases a Mystery Drama “Message From Platinum”

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PGI Japan Releases a Mystery Drama “Message From Platinum”

31 October, 2019

PGI Japan Releases a Mystery Drama "Message From Platinum"

(31 October, 2019) Tokyo - Platinum Guild International (PGI) Japan releases a new original story, "Message From Platinumat its website on 31 October, 2019. The story is by G2, the director and playwright currently involved in the kabuki adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind as director. "Message From Platinum" is an original drama inspired by numerous historical facts that did in fact occur in 1925. Many historical figures make appearance in this mystery surrounding platinum taking place in Japan, Europe and South America. Readers can also enjoy stories on historically significant platinum products and fascinating facts on platinum that are provided between chapters. Visit PGI Japan website to experience an intellectually stimulating adventure.

The Casket of Thebes, the world’s oldest platinum product excavated in Egypt (Louvre Museum)

Nagahisa Shirogane, a detective specialising in recovering stolen art, and mysterious beauty Mineko Fujishima become involved in a mysterious case of a strange theft. The key to solving the case was in platinum.

G2 debuted as stage director in 1987 and has led his own theatre troupe “G2 Produce” between 1995 and 2013. He was awarded the Musician Best Ten’s Best Direction Award with both Coco and Nine the Musical in 2009, and Otani Takejiro Awards’ Honourable Mention for the script and stage direction of a new original kabuki, Akegarasu Koi-no Manegoto, in 2011.


Platinum’s properties and allure

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