Lao Feng Xiang Launches Refreshed “Platinum Love” Collection with PGI

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Lao Feng Xiang Launches Refreshed “Platinum Love” Collection with PGI

Lao Feng Xiang Launches Refreshed “Platinum Love” Collection with PGI

(Shanghai, China) Lao Feng Xiang, the century-old heritage brand, in collaboration with Platinum Guild International (PGI) launched new products of the "Platinum Love" collection at the CapitaLand Minhang Plaza, coinciding with the 20th Shanghai International Jewellery Culture Festival and the debut of Feng Xiang Club.

Senior management from Lao Feng Xiang and PGI China celebrated the launch of the three platinum sub-collections that resemble the courage to unleash personal styles by being true to oneself.

Senior Management of Lao Feng Xiang and PGI China

The overall pure and white colour palette resembles the pureness and brightness of platinum, and the jewellery displays create an immersive experiential area. Along with the eye-catching visuals, the new thematic movie for the "Platinum Love" collection starring Ms Chen Shu, the ambassador of Lao Feng Xiang, is also featured.

Event Setting

PGI has been a close partner of Lao Feng Xiang since the 1990s. In recent years, the two parties joined hands in multiple promotions of platinum jewellery to bring the latest trends and aesthetics to Chinese consumers, presenting platinum products that are stylish, high quality and diversified. "PGI has been working closely with Lao Feng Xiang for years, dedicated to the development and promotion of platinum jewellery, connecting to consumers and making platinum more accessible", said Lu Jing, Deputy Head of Marketing of Lao Feng Xiang.

Lu Jing, Deputy Head of Marketing, Lao Feng Xiang 

PGI and Lao Feng Xiang jointly launched three platinum fashion jewellery sub-collections that target young consumers, with upgrades on both technology and design. "PGI has always paid attention to the innovation of platinum products in terms of technology and design, and hopes to introduce the culture and values of platinum to younger consumers with creativity, so that more people can learn about the unique qualities of platinum", said Alex Ye, Director of Trade Marketing & Development of PGI China, "The upgraded Platinum Love collection is curated with a variety of new design concepts supported by exquisite craftsmanship, to better meet the needs of the younger generation to pursue their style."

Alex Ye, Director of Trade Marketing & Development, PGI China 

The "Style Count" sub-collection is an exceptional representation of the natural flow of water, with the power of free movement conveyed by the strength of platinum that portrays the gentle yet fearless personality of women. Inspired by the wonders of nature, the "Secret Garden" sub-collection features airy but strong feathers, the seemingly soft but firm peacock tail feathers and vibrant spring leaves, subtly matching the pureness of platinum with enamel colours, where the elegant and sophisticated designs bring the power of nature to life, perfect for the unique interpretation of oneself. The bridal collection introduces enamel and platinum pair rings that commemorate important moments in life.

"Style Count" 

"Secret Garden"

" Accompany" Platinum Bridal Collection