“Hello Me, Platinum” Market Launch in Japan

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“Hello Me, Platinum” Market Launch in Japan

15 April, 2019

“Hello Me, Platinum” Market Launch in Japan

Tokyo (April 2019) - Platinum Guild International K.K in Japan launches a new platinum jewellery brand “Hello Me, Platinum” by BICO GHI Corporation.

As its name suggests, the collection of platinum jewellery showcases the beauty of platinum in its fullest for sophisticated women with discerning taste who enjoy finding pieces that truly fit their style.

The collection consists of twelve platinum-made necklaces, from delicate chains for daily use to heavier pieces that shine in even the most glamorous occasions. Designs with small platinum balls with fine-cut facets and necklaces that can be stylised with magnets accentuate women’s décolleté beautifully and elegantly.

With its pure, rare and eternal qualities, platinum is the ideal metal that complement the beauty of sophisticated women who seek quality jewellery that last a lifetime, even going beyond to be passed down to the next generation.

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