PGI Launches 2019 “Eternal Platinum Love” in Qingdao

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PGI Launches 2019 “Eternal Platinum Love” in Qingdao

28 July, 2019

PGI Launches 2019 “Eternal Platinum Love” in Qingdao

Qingdao (28 July, 2019) - Platinum Guild International (PGI) has launched the 2019 platinum season in Qingdao with a grand opening ceremony at Liqun Jinding Plaza, along with simultaneous events at Liqun Changjiang Shopping Plaza, Liqun Jimo Mall, Liqun Chengyang Shopping Plaza and Taidong Liqun Mall. Themed “Eternal Platinum Love”, the event combined exquisite platinum jewellery pieces with trendy interactive devices, and celebrated consumers' love stories for the upcoming Chinese Valentine’s Day.

(2019 Eternal Platinum Love Event in Qingdao)

A highlight of the Qingdao event was the 2019 PGI bridal video "Find Your Platinum Self”. PGI encourages young people to stay true as platinum, follow their hearts, and hold tight to their love. "This year, we are much honoured to bring the 'Eternal Platinum Love' event to Qingdao. As one of the youngest coastal cities, Qingdao has a platinum jewellery market that is full of potential. We hope to take this opportunity further by promoting the local platinum market, and building a bridge for better communication with members of Qingdao's jewellery industry.” said Mr. Ye Xiang, Director of Business Development at PGI China.  Ms. Pui P.Poon, PGI China's Managing Director and Mr. Tim Schlick, PGI's Chief Strategy Office also attended the event and expressed their thanks to all partners in Qingdao for their support for the event and offered their best wishes for a brighter future of the local platinum jewellery market.

(Mr. Ye Xiang, Director of Business Development, PGI China)

The ceremony opened in the loving atmosphere ahead of Chinese Valentine’s Day. Local influencers in Qingdao also joined the event onsite. Ms. Jing Qiaoyun, General Manager of Liqun Group's jewellery department, said, “Liqun Group is rooted in Qingdao and is committed to bringing a better experience to local consumers. In recent years, young people are gradually dominating the consumer market. This year's 'Eternal Platinum Love' in Qingdao gives us the opportunity to try a trendy interactive model. I hope through working with PGI, we will be able to bring more fashionable and premium platinum jewellery to consumers.” Winners of the Best Platinum Couples Award were invited on stage to presented with awards by representatives of local jewellery brands.

(Ms. Jing Qiaoyun, General Manager of the Jewellery Department of Liqun Group)

The 2019 Eternal Platinum Love in Qingdao features a number of ingeniously designed platinum art pieces and a number of best-selling platinum jewellery products of major brands. In addition, PGI teamed up with major jewellery brands to launch special offers for the “Platinum Season for Chinese Valentine’s Day". During the event period, participants can also enjoy model jewellery shows, VIP floral classes and other exclusive interactive events.

(Models with platinum jewellery)

(Launch of 2019 Eternal Platinum Love in Qingdao)


Best-selling platinum jewellery products of major brands