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Embrace The Moment

Embrace The Moment

To Sun Yiwen, the Chinese fencer and two-time Olympian, fencing is not only her work but also her life and an opportunity bestowed by destiny. Fencing has been her unyielding passion and choice over the years and has given her the courage to embrace an uncertain future. Her love for fencing has empowered her resilience and enabled her to make her mark in the history of fencing. PGI joined hands with OK! Magazine China to discover the most genuine Sun Yiwen and unveil a different side of her. 

Embracing the Moment Instead of Accepting Passively

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“I didn’t choose fencing. Fencing chose me,” Sun Yiwen quipped during the interview. During her younger days, Sun Yiwen was unwittingly chosen by a coach in a twist of fate and began training in fencing. She was not familiar with the sport, to begin with, and she was neither in love with it nor did she harbor great dreams and aspirations right from the start when she chose to venture into competitive sports.

At fourteen years old, she was thrust onto the 18-meter-long piste and cluelessly accepted the fact that she was “suited” to fencing. Sun Yiwen chose to don the heavy fencing suit, lift the 700 g épée and begin countless practices. Instead of trudging forward begrudgingly, Sun Yiwen decided that it was better to actively embrace the sport. Certain about the decision she made, Sun Yiwen chose to discover a different perspective and seek out the charm of fencing, and persevere to the end. In more than a decade, having seen many teammates surrender, Sun Yiwen does sometimes envy other girls for having more freedom. However, she holds no regrets for the decision she made. 

Persist in Passion and Joy Shall Come

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Unlike the tension and excitement in competitive fencing where victory comes by a hair’s breadth, Sun Yiwen is peace-loving by nature and does not like to scramble for things. Compared to winning, the joy that fencing brings to her is of greater importance. Over the past 16 years, fencing has gradually become second nature to Sun Yiwen. Behind every accurate hit lies the sacrifice of thousands of hours of tiresome training and rehearsals. Yet, it is that longstanding practice that allowed her to get to know fencing on a very concrete and intimate level.

Observe, probe, defend, and attack. Sun Yiwen found fencing as intriguing as solving a mystery, predicting her opponent’s next move within milliseconds, and choosing to either put forth a precise attack or put up a strong defense. With time, under long and intensive training, she discovered her joy and happiness. Sun Yiwen confessed that she might not be the fencer with the most smooth-sailing journey, but she is certainly the one with the most outstanding attitude. Fencing had long become a firm passion in her heart and an indispensable part of her life. 

Through The Path of Thorns to A Beautiful Future

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Except for occasional injuries and accidents, Sun Yiwen has been able to “get along amicably” with fencing. The day-to-day training over the past 16 years allowed Sun Yiwen to discover her unique fencing style, and achieving victory was merely a matter of time.

Fencing was not Sun Yiwen’s proactive choice at the beginning of the journey but eventually became her passion after gradual understanding and acceptance, and with a strong foundation built on accumulated practice. Perhaps, success lies not just in the initial choice, but in the determination and hard work that follow after that choice. The story ends with a drastic shift from passive acceptance to active attack: Sun Yiwen’s unyielding spirit has made her more focused and formidable on the fencing strip, securing victory for herself after having endured a path of thorns.

Success is not based on pure luck and chance; behind it lies constant hard work and renewed decisions that no one else sees. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the “right” path in life from the start, but persisting and embracing your passion is the first step to achieving success that belongs to you. PGI hopes to be with every “Sun Yiwen” in finding their own persevering passion that they can embrace proactively and forge ahead unwaveringly.