PGI and Lukfook Jewellery Launch “Baby Darling” Platinum Collection to Celebrate Motherhood in China

30 May, 2019 Hong Kong (May 2019) – The desire to find a more meaningful celebration, coupled with the increasing purchasing power of Chinese consumers, is pushing up the quality of gifts for new mothers and babies in China. This May, Platinum Guild International is partnering with Hong Kong retailer, Lukfook Jewellery, launches the mother-child […]

PGI Releases Q1 2019 Platinum Jewellery Business Review

13 June, 2019   (Photo credit: Lukfook’s “Baby Darling” platinum jewellery collection launched in 2019) Hong Kong (13 June, 2019) – Platinum Guild International (PGI) releases Q1 2019 Platinum Jewellery Business Review (PJBR). According to the report, the platinum jewellery industry across key markets are becoming increasingly innovative and focusing on the bottom line. The […]

Grand Opening of 2019 Platinum Season in Wuxi

12 April, 2019 Wuxi (12 April, 2019) – The opening ceremony of 2019 Platinum Season in Wuxi marks the first cooperation between Platinum Guild International and the Wuxi Jewellery Association. With the theme of “Eternal Platinum Love”, the event invited major jewellery brands to launch multiple events and offers, with a number of exquisite platinum […]

“Hello Me, Platinum” Market Launch in Japan

15 April, 2019 Tokyo (April 2019) – Platinum Guild International K.K in Japan launches a new platinum jewellery brand “Hello Me, Platinum” by BICO GHI Corporation. As its name suggests, the collection of platinum jewellery showcases the beauty of platinum in its fullest for sophisticated women with discerning taste who enjoy finding pieces that truly […]

Affluent Asian Consumers Find More Meaning with Platinum

3 February, 2019 Hong Kong (3 February, 2019) – In a jewellery market that experiences consumer attitude changes and cultural shifts across regions, platinum continues to hold a strong footing in the field of love and romance-based purchases in Asia. “Valentine’s Day has been an important love-gifting holiday. We expect this year to not be […]

Platinum Jewellery Signifies Self-Expression and Empowering Love for Modern Women

8 March, 2019 Hong Kong (8 March, 2019) – Confident, modern women worldwide are celebrating their growth and potential – whether in career, relationships and life, and around the world they are expressing themselves in different ways. Jewellery signifies self-expression of true values, and it’s platinum leading the way. “The ongoing changes in global society […]

PGI India Celebrates Couples Who Strive to be #EqualsInLove with Platinum Love Bands

20 February, 2019 Mumbai (February 2019) – For a long time, the prevailing rules of a relationship have revolved around norms dictated by society especially when it comes to gender roles. Today, the paradigm of love is being redefined. Modern couples are choosing roles that fit their unique relationship – each bringing their individual strength to […]

PGI China Launched Valentine’s Day Campaign with Recommended Platinum Collections

20 February, 2019 Shanghai (February 2019) – PGI China launches a brand-new Valentine’s Day promotional video series with the theme “The Moment I Knew You Were the One”. Three short clips, set against different backgrounds, tell the romantic tales of three loving couples, with platinum standing testament to their devotion. PGI China is also releasing fourteen love […]