A Survey by PGI and Cosmo Bride China Reveals Love-Led Purchase Behaviours of Post-95s Couples

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A Survey by PGI and Cosmo Bride China Reveals Love-Led Purchase Behaviours of Post-95s Couples

A Survey by PGI and Cosmo Bride China Reveals Love-Led Purchase Behaviours of Post-95s Couples

(February 2021) Shanghai, China - The young generation of adult Chinese born after 1995 are subtly changing trends. The post-95s' attitude towards love significantly differs from previous generations. They are steadfast in their pursuance of love, even in the context of China's declining marriage rate, they refuse to compromise on their vision and appreciation for the concept of "true love". When it comes to purchasing behaviours, the post-95s generation is the most elusive generation to date in China. But this generation values the sense of ritual that comes along with purchasing material tokens to commemorate love, with less concern for the price.

These insights were derived from a survey jointly conducted by Platinum Guild International (PGI) China and Cosmo Bride to understand the next generation’s attitude towards love and how these insights translate to purchasing behaviours.

A Cities: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, etc.
B Cities: Chongqing, Nanjing, Xi'an, Wuhan, etc.
C Cities: Hefei, Nanchang, Shijiazhuang, Guiyang, Kunming, etc.
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Attitudes Towards Love

Post-95s are unwilling to stop pursuing love. With China's marriage rate declining each year, an overwhelming 92.1% of younger people stated that they would “rather be single than settle”.

They are also cautious when it comes to being in a relationship, with 37% of young people willing to wait one to three months to confirm their relationship status after meeting someone they like and 26% waiting three to six months, and 11% waiting a full year.

Post-95s also like to enjoy every moment of being in love and growing together in the relationship, with 35% choosing to get married after three years of dating.

When choosing a romantic partner, the qualities they most value in their significant others include honesty, kindness and ambition, and 52.5% also value perseverance, which suggests that they hope to have a tenacious faith in their romantic relationship and truly cherish their partner.

Of those who participated in the survey, 44% replied that travelling together is the most ritual activity in love, followed by 28% of males and 25% of females who answered celebrating anniversaries.

According to survey respondents, the materials that best represent love did vary. With regards to gemstones, 63% choose diamonds, and among precious metals, platinum is the most popular, ahead of both yellow gold and rose gold.

Consumption Behaviours of Post-95s When It Comes to Love

Today's young people are more willing to spend for love with 72% of post-95s willing to spend approximately RMB 2,000 for their significant others each month.

Gift giving on special dates and anniversaries remains common with 69.5% saying they would give a gift to significant others on special occasions. Almost half of the boyfriends interviewed want to express their love using precious jewellery on special dates and show their commitment by giving jewellery to girlfriends to commemorate big steps in their relationship.

Many post-95s females shared a common desire to receive customised gifts. Among the types of gifts, precious jewellery accounts for a large proportion with 16% of girls in love reporting receiving precious jewellery from their boyfriends last year. This percentage increases to 25% in Tier -1 city respondents.

Choosing pairing jewellery also requires specific knowledge. More than half of young respondents would prefer platinum jewellery, and the same is true for the material considered when choosing a diamond ring or wedding ring.

The prices of the gift items chosen are not low, with an average price of RMB 3,899 per piece, which increases to RMB 5,600 in Tier 1 cities. Valentine's Day and Chinese Valentine’s Day are peak times for couples to express their love.

For important anniversaries, 39.8% of young people said they would give platinum jewellery as a gift.

A substantial 70% of males will choose jewellery together with their girlfriends. Most young people favour the trueness and pureness symbolised by platinum, and more recently, other characteristics such as tenacity.

Couples from China's young generation stay together because of love. With a strong link with love, sincerity and tenacity, platinum is a way to define and celebrate partnerships as they mature from a new love into an enduring relationship.