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Platinum Engagement Ring Trends

Platinum Engagement Ring Trends


Engagement rings set in platinum are one of the most coveted amongst women looking for elegance and style that can stand the test of time. Platinum is one of the world's most precious metals, due to its limited sources worldwide and dense nature, making it heavier than gold and extremely rare. Its malleable and adaptable structure provides an endless amount of options that can meet the design needs. Earning its reputation for durability and heirloom nature, platinum is naturally white, and can be polished into a shiny finish, allowing the diamond or gemstone to shine vividly from all angles.

Entering 2022, Platinum Guild International presents some of the most popular platinum engagement ring trends. From vintage rings with a modern twist to unexpected design pairings, the common theme for engagement rings in this year’s round up is personalisation.

Modern Vintage
There is much to be said about knowing one's personal ancestral history, which ultimately shapes one as an individual. This knowledge often opens up a world perhaps one never knew existed and creates pathways to one's future. Something old and something new combine in these unexpected cuts and designs while merging the history of two people into their future together.

(Photo credit: Tacori)

Three Stone
The three stone style is classic and elegant and has remained one of the world's most desired wedding ring styles. The most traditional design consists of three round-cut diamonds creating linear symmetry. Recently, the common style features different stone shapes with the middle being larger than those on the sides, allowing for more personality to come through in the design.

(Photo credit: Forevermark x Micaela)

Coloured Gems
Coloured stones challenge traditional ring styles. With countless combinations of cuts, designs and colours, it is simple for anyone to create their own personalised ring. Supporting a coloured stone in platinum enhances the look of gemstones, as they shine brighter against its natural white base.

(Photo credit: De Beers)

Toi et Moi
The “Toi et Moi” style is a design pairing two gems together creates a romantic set symbolising the love between two people often also referred to as a Bypass ring. It is traditionally vintage in design, dating as far back as 1796 to Napoleon and Josephine. Recently made popular by celebrities like Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski, the design most clearly interprets the trend to create a unique, personal piece. With its intricate details and multiple stones, platinum is the best choice for bypass rings due to its durability and secure hold of gemstones.

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