「Emboldened by Platinum」2021 Pt Art Space Launched in Qingdao

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「Emboldened by Platinum」2021 Pt Art Space Launched in Qingdao

「Emboldened by Platinum」2021 Pt Art Space Launched in Qingdao

(China - Sep 2021) - Introduction: As a tenacious metal that stays true to itself, platinum wants to embolden youths to be true to themselves. 2021 Pt Art Space, realised a cross-border encounter between art and platinum with artists, and visitors were welcomed to encounter the tenacious stories behind platinum.

In August, PGI China has officially initiated platinum month in eight "Li Qun" shopping venters to further develop Qingdao's platinum jewellery market.

Qingdao Liqun Jinding  Plaza

“Emboldened by Platinum” Reboot Roadshow, 2021 Pt Art Space 

From August 5 to August 15,"2021Pt Art Space" brought together 16 famous jewellery brands such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Luk Fook, Chow Tai Sheng, Jinghua Jewellery, China Gold and Boheng Da.

As a tenacious metal, platinum represents courage and strength of the younger generation, which fully inspired the artists. This year’s roadshow presented a significant cross-border cooperation between platinum and art, by inviting artists to exhibit their works in the 2021 Pt Art Space, in order to let young people who are living in an era of unprecedented opportunities believe that they should craft the future they want and live the life they love.

Emerging  artists' works from the 2021 Pt Art Space

The work of Liu Tong, a four-time Guinness World Record origami artist, was on display at Qingdao Liqun Jiaozhou Shopping Plaza. The fragile papers presented fascinating tenacity and tension in the unlimited bending, as strong and pure as platinum. The color of the work is simple, with pure white as the main color, while flashing blue which symbolizes the spirit of Pt, explaining the tenacious core of platinum, which is romantic and full of power. Only bending to the utmost can reflect the tenacity. Photographs by visual artist Hai Helan were on display at the Liqun BEI FANG GUO MAO Shopping Mall in Qingdao.Inspired by the sea and blue, his work has a calm, pure and determined power. Just like the main color blue of Pt, it expresses the beauty of purity and tenacity like platinum. You can get a sense of what women and platinum have in common from the artworks created by illustrator Zhang Hailang, not only do they have inner resilience, but also they have a solid side. Combining the graceful, soft Rumba and the agile and vigorous Paso doble, the Latin dancer Jia Haoyue specially created a mysterious dance to present the feminine power through a fluent and beautiful body language.

Qingdao Liqun Jiaozhou Shopping Plaza,

 “Emboldened by Platinum” Reboot Roadshow, 2021 Pt Art Space

All these exhibits fully conveyed the core qualities of platinum, being hard and being soft, being tenacious and being true to self.

PGI China, Liqun group and a number of cooperative retailers were highly supportive of the event. On the event day, modern origami artist Liu Tong and humorous Tiktok influencer-Zhao explained their understanding of tenacity and platinum.

Qingdao Liqun BEI FANG GUO MAO Shopping Mall

 “Emboldened by Platinum” Reboot Roadshow, 2021 Pt Art Space

 Among the platinum week, the roadshow has also brought consumers many fun and immersive experiences. You could have a deeper understanding of Liu tong’s art pieces by scanning the QR code on site;there was also a ‘bullet screen’ installation for consumers to send wishes or share feelings; More surprises like gashapon  machine and lucky draws were waiting to be discovered!

 Modern origami artist--Liu Tong

 Tiktok  influencer --Zhao and

 Ye Xiang, Director,Trade Marketing & Development

During  the  platinum  month  in  August, consumers could  accumulate  five times of points by purchasing any platinum jewellery if they register as the Pt members; to win smart home products by participating in lucky draw after uploading shopping receipt through the mini program. More platinum exclusive privileges are available in 8 Qingdao Liqun shopping malls.

In the enthusiastic summer, Pt sincerely invites you to witness the unique charm of tenacious platinum. Please visit the Liqun shopping malls!

Liqun Jinding  Plaza

Liqun BEI FANG GUO MAO Shopping Mall

Liqun Jiaozhou Shopping Plaza,

Taidong Liqun Store

Liqun Jimo Store

Liqun Chengyang Shopping Center

Liqun Change Jiang  Shopping Center

 Liqun Laixi Shopping Center